Armory Leatherette Desk Organizer Caddy (Stackable w/ Armory Trays)


Refined order, timeless elegance.

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Hark, noble scribes and desk-dwelling champions!

Behind the grand walls of our castle, we’ve created the Armory Leatherette Desk Organizer Caddy, a beacon of order in the midst of desktop pandemonium. Bring order to your desk kingdom with the Armory Complete Office Desk Organizer Suite. Built for longevity, the heavy-duty stitching, and all leatherette material will help store your modern arsenal for many ages. This material shields against the perils of ink and wax spills, stains, and other mishaps.

No matter what chaos you counter in your scholarly sanctum, the Armory Organizer stands ready to help you rise the victor. With four slots of varying sizes, and a hole in the back for cables, this desk organizer caddy offers plentiful space for all your office armaments. With the Armory, the power of organization is, quite literally, stacked in your favor!

Why choose the Armory?

  • Banish desk goblins and declutter with Castle’s finest.
  • Compact, minimalist aesthetic. Black leather and black stitching look sharp in any work, home office, or living space.
  • Quality leatherette craftsmanship, both regal and easy to cleanse.
  • Dimensions fit all standard paper sizes and smaller: 10 x 5.75 x 3.25 inches, guarding your weapons with valor.
  • Purchase the complete set – stackable design is space efficient. Compatible with Armory Stackable Trays.

Pray note, the desk organizer caddy is compatible with the stackable paper trays organizer for maximum space efficiency. Paper trays must be purchased separately.

Additional information

Weight 0.448 kg
Dimensions 26.04 × 16.26 × 8.89 cm
Product Weight

15 Ounces

Product Dimensions

10 x 5.5 x 3.5 Inches


Armory Stackable Paper Trays




1 Organizer

Material Type



Double-Stitching, Stone Masonry




Recycled Cardboard


Professional, Minimalist, Royale




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