Bailey Full Size Leather Keyboard Wrist Rest


Heavy with texturized rubber backing. It won’t budge.

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Hear ye, hear ye, folk of the digital kingdom!

In your valiant quest for the ultimate wrist guardian, Castle would like to offer aid. We present the Bailey Keyboard Leather Wrist Rest! Forged from the hide of the mightiest cows and stitched with the strength of a knight’s armor, the Bailey stands resilient against the passing of ages. Fear not the stains of spilled mead or the wear of relentless battles; this rugged leather shall endure. Even heavy handed rulers and mighty typing warriors shall find it unyielding. Positioned gallantly before thy keyboard, the Bailey aligns seamlessly with standard-sized keyboards, spanning a noble 17 inches. With a breadth of 4 inches, it offers a generous sanctuary for weary wrists to repose between epic typing duels.

Why choose the Bailey?

  • Crafted from genuine cowhide. A timeless addition to any workspace (or playspace).
  • A dense fortress for thy wrists – Extra firm, with a bountiful padding of 1 inch, ensuring a neutral and regal wrist stance.
  • Weighing in at 1.1 pounds, its textured rubber underbelly ensures it stands its ground, unyielding.
  • A perfect companion for any full-sized keyboard in the realm: 17 inches x 4 inches, with a majestic height of 1 inch, offering a lavish cushion for ergonomic comfort.
  • A guardian against musculoskeletal dark arts of carpal tunnel and bursitis.
  • Double-stitched with the might of Excalibur, ensuring longevity beyond the ages.
  • Encased in packaging crafted from 93% reclaimed scrolls and parchments.

Pray note, the Bailey, in its initial glory, boasts an extra firm feel due to its high-density padding and genuine leather material. Yet, as tales age and legends grow, the leather shall mellow, soften, and lay gracefully upon your desk’s expanse.

Additional information

Weight 0.607 kg
Dimensions 45.21 × 12.07 × 3.56 cm
Wrist Rest Weight

1.2 Pounds

Wrist Rest Dimensions

17 x 4 x 1 Inches

Keyboard Size Type

Full-Size Standard Keyboard



Cover Material Type


Bottom Material Type

Texturized Rubber


Double-Stitching, Stone Masonry


Extra Firm




Cardboard, 93% Recycled Materials


Cowhide, Dragonhide


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